Tips on how to prepare your clothes before hauling them to your storage unit

Clothes in Storage Unit: Tips on how to prepare your clothes before hauling them to your storage unit

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How to Store Clothes in Storage Unit

Are you looking to store your clothes long-term but don’t know where to start?

Don’t worry, we have you covered. This guide will teach you how to store your clothes in a self storage unit and keep them clean and organized.

We will also discuss the different types of clothing storage units and which one is best for you. Let’s get started!

 Store Clothes in Storage Unit

What are some tips for storing clothes in a storage unit?

There are a few things you should keep in mind when storing clothes in a storage unit. First, make sure to pack everything securely so that it doesn’t get damaged during transport. Next, label each box with the contents so you can easily find what you’re looking for. Finally, plan your storage layout so everything is easy to access.

Wash all clothes before packing them into the storage unit

It’s important to wash clothes before storing them to prevent insects, mold, and mildew. Dry clothes before storing them to prevent mildew formation. Washing clothes before storing them ensures that they will last longer. Proper washing techniques will result in cleaner and better-smelling clothes.

Do not vacuum pack clothes for storage

Storing clothes in vacuum bags is not advisable because it can damage them and take up space. Vacuum packing clothes destroys the shape and fit of the garments and can cause permanent wrinkles. Natural fibers need to breathe and are ruined when air is sucked out during storage.

Use plastic bins with clip-on lids to store clothes in the storage unit

To store clothes in a storage unit, you should stack them in plastic bins with clip-on lids. This will keep the clothes safe and avoid wrinkles. Keep the bin clips close so you can easily attach the lid when you’re ready to store your clothes.

Get the right storage containers for your clothes

The best storage containers for clothing are clear plastic bins with lids that snap shut. These bins are easy to see, so you can easily find what you’re looking for. They also keep moisture and bugs out, which is important for protecting your clothes. Dark-colored bins are the best choice for storing clothes in sunlight, so they don’t fade. Fabric or canvas bins are a good option for storing clothes because they are breathable. Storage containers for clothes should be packed together by season and activity and labeled accordingly.

Roll your clothes instead of folding them to save space

how to store clothes in storage unit

Rolling clothes can save space in a self storage unit because they take up less room than folded clothes. This is because rolled clothes prevent creases from forming, which makes them easier to store and transport. Folding clothes correctly also prevents wrinkles and makes packing easier.

Store heavier clothes on the bottom and lighter clothes on the top

When storing your clothes in a storage box, it is important to remember to store the heavier items at the bottom of the container. This will prevent creasing and allow your clothes to breathe. You can also use wardrobe containers or hanging racks, but raise them off the ground with pallets or shelving units. For lighter clothing items, you can store them on top of the heavier items in the storage box.

Use cedar balls to prevent moths, mildew, and musty odors

To use cedar balls to prevent moths, mildew, and musty odors in your storage unit, put them in a small plastic bag and leave the bag slightly open. Cedar balls last long term and are a more natural option than chemical treatments. Cedar balls and chips are better than traditional moth repellents because they are safer and smell nicer. Do not place the cedar ball directly onto your clothes, as this may cause it to stain or stain clothing.

Purchase wardrobe boxes for hanging clothes

One way to store clothes in a self storage unit is to purchase wardrobe boxes. Wardrobe boxes are large, heavy-duty boxes that are perfect for storing hanging clothes. Some benefits of using wardrobe boxes include that they protect clothes from wrinkles and make it easy to access all of your clothes at once.

Refold clothes every few years

It’s important to refold clothes every few years to prevent them from getting wrinkled. You can store your clothes for years if you take the proper precautions (for example, by refolding them). Keep your clothes wrinkle-free by following the facility manager’s advice. You should search for tips on refolding clothes to keep clothes from wrinkling.

Get insurance for your storage unit

You should get insurance for your storage unit to protect your belongings in case of a break-in, fire, or flood. The more valuable your clothes, the more insurance you should get. Storage unit insurance will protect your belongings if a fire or other property damage occurs. Storage unit insurance can also cover you if someone breaks into your storage unit and steals your belongings.

Don’t mix fabrics

Different types of clothing should be stored in different boxes. Silk undies should not be stored with wool sweaters.

Different fabrics require different ventilation levels, so it is important to segment your clothes according to materials. This way, you can ensure that each piece’s fabric gets enough air circulation and doesn’t get too hot or cold.

Although vacuum seal bag storage is often used to prevent damage, it should be avoided because of the many problems caused by this packaging. Vacuum-packed fabrics will wrinkle and show signs of deterioration, just like any other package that does not have air to breathe.

Donate or sell unwanted items


When you are moving or storing your belongings, it is important to be prepared if you have clothes that don’t fit now but are still in great condition, donate them or sell them on the site for eight months.

People can donate or sell unwanted items to charity, use them as rags for cleaning their closets, or even give them away on Freecycle.

While there are specific rules governing tax write-offs and charitable donations of clothing (as opposed to furniture), the decision is ultimately up to the individual taxpayer’s discretion-the IRS allows people who “donate” clothes they don’t want a deduction anymore from their taxable income equal only to what it would cost if those same clothes were sold at full retail.

You can either sell or donate your unwanted items. The most common way to do this is through Facebook Marketplace, but you could also put the item on Craigslist or Ebay.

Create an inventory system

Create an inventory system for all of your clothes in a storage unit. There are two types: color-coordinated and labeled. Keep a sheet with the colors to refer to when you want to know which color goes with what item.

Inventory systems are a great way of organizing and managing your collection. Creating a list allows you to easily find what’s in the bin without digging through it.

The inventory system creates a list of all the items in each bin so that everything can be accounted for. The excel spreadsheet has a live or taped option.

Know when to hang and when to fold

To prepare your clothes in the storage unit, you should hang or fold them just like they would be at home. It would be best if you didn’t use hangers because workout shirts will get too wrinkled and look bad when they come out of the storage unit.

You should fold stretchy clothes or baby clothes in a storage unit and hang clothing that is not easily wrinkled. You also need to roll your clothing in a storage unit when it’s time for them to be put away. Items such as sweaters, t-shirts, and delicate items should always be folded before being stored in a closet or dresser drawer.

The following are some guidelines for folding clothes.

  • Items that should be hung: Dress pants, blazers, and dress items.
  • Folded items should be neatly stacked on top of each other in a bin or storage box.
  • The lightest sweaters go on the top.

While hanging clothes is preferred, folding them helps to prevent wrinkles and creases. Spacing out the items in an air-tight clothes container also provides a place for air circulation.

What are the best storage containers for clothes?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best storage containers for clothes will vary depending on the size and type of clothes you own and your personal preferences. Some good storage containers for clothes include closet organizers, hanging racks, and drawers.

Plastic bins

Plastic storage bins are a great way to protect your clothing from damage. They’re easy to handle, stack, and store-perfect for small spaces. Plus, they keep bugs and dust out of your storage space.

Vacuum-sealed bags

To vacuum seal, a garment for storage, ensure the item is clean and dry. Next, place the garment in a vacuum-sealed bag. Use the pump attachment to remove all the air from the bag. Seal the bag tightly. Vacuum-sealed storage bags are a great way to store bulky clothes because they take up much less space than traditional storage methods. The small pump attachment on the bag also makes it easy to remove air, resulting in a more compact package.

Plastic racks

There are many benefits to using plastic racks for storing clothing, including preventing mold and mildew, protecting from damage, and keeping garments in great condition. Plastic racks are ideal for those who want to keep their clothes looking their best.

Wardrobe boxes

Wardrobe boxes are specially designed boxes that are perfect for storing folded clothes and items that cannot be easily hung up. They come in different sizes and can include racks for hanging clothing. U-Haul wardrobe boxes are designed to store clothing on hangers, making them ideal for jackets, dresses, and other articles of clothing that cannot be easily folded. There are a variety of wardrobe boxes to choose from, with sizes that vary depending on your needs. Wardrobe boxes can store clothes in a compact and organized way.


We’ve listed some frequently asked questions about clothes storage below:

How do you put clothes in a storage unit?

To make it easier to put clothes in and out of storage, stack cardboard boxes or plastic bins on top of each other. This will also help keep your clothes clean and dust-free. It is not a good idea to stack boxes of clothes directly on the floor of the storage unit because this can make them more difficult to access and could damage your clothing. Arrange your storage containers on a rack or shelf to make them easier to access. You may also want to hang or fold clothes as you do at home to save space and keep clothing looking good.

You should hang blazers, blouses, and button-ups on hangers when putting clothes in a storage unit. You should fold easily wrinkled clothing like dresses and skirts and put them in garment bags. You should roll T-shirts, leggings, and workout clothes to prevent them from getting wrinkled.

Can you hang clothes in a storage unit?

hang clothes in a storage unit

Using a wardrobe box or several, you can hang clothes in a storage unit. Hanging clothes in a wardrobe box is easy and saves space. Storage units are a great way to organize and store clothes. Hanging clothes is the best way to store clothes in one place. Wardrobe boxes are strong and can be stacked if you need to. You should hang your clothes to keep them looking good. You can use a clothes rack or a rail to hang your clothes.

How do you keep clothes fresh in storage?

To keep clothes fresh in storage, it is important to wash, dry, and fold them before storing them. Cleaning delicate items before storing them is also key. Clothes can be kept fresh by hanging on a rack or box covered with a breathable cloth or sheet in a clean and dust-free area with good airflow. Additionally, it is important to store clothes in a dry and cool place away from direct sunlight or heat. Packing clothes properly will also help to protect them against dirt, dust, moisture, and pests.

How do you keep your clothes safe in a storage unit?

When storing clothes in a storage unit, it is important to keep them safe from damage. Choose a reliable storage facility with security measures to protect your belongings. Follow practical storage tips for clothes, such as keeping them dry and pest-free. Store your clothes in a unit that is accessible and climate-controlled if necessary. To keep clothes safe in a storage unit, refold them at least once a year.

To keep your clothes safe in a storage unit, you should store them in plastic bins and arrange the containers on racks to reduce the risk of damage. You can also use moisture absorbers and cedar balls to reduce moisture levels and protect your clothing. When packing clothes for storage, you must pack them safely in a storage unit and bring along a list of items needed, including packing containers and packing materials.

Should you wash clothes that have been in storage?

It is important to wash and dry clothes before storing them to prevent dirt and stains from entering the fabric. Storage conditions can cause clothing to deteriorate over time, so taking care of them from the beginning is important. To keep garments clean and fresh, it is important to dry them quickly after washing and ensure they are completely dry before packing them for storage.

Do I need climate-controlled storage for my clothes?

If you’re storing your clothes for a long time, if the city where you live has extreme temperatures, or if your clothes are expensive or sentimental, it might be worth considering climate-controlled storage. Otherwise, just use plastic containers to store seasonal clothing.

Clothes can easily be stored in plastic containers, and “the bins help people find what they are looking for quickly, saving space by stacking clothing neatly inside shelves units.

Although you can use vacuum-sealed bags to organize your clothes, climate-controlled storage units are good for temperature protection. Climate-controlled storage protects clothing from cold, heat, and humidity damage.

Can I store seasonal clothes in a storage unit?

 seasonal clothes

It is a good idea to check your storage unit twice a year, even if you only store seasonal clothes. Check for an insect infestation or mold that could damage the items in storage.

How can I get more closet space?

People love to shop, get great deals, and collect fashionable items to wear for different seasons and occasions. A walk-in closet in your storage unit will make it easy for you to change seasonal wardrobes, stay organized with items you seek to wear and save space in your home. Follow these tips when renting a storage unit from the right company to maximize its use as a walk-in closet!

Insurance is crucial for protecting your clothing. The more valuable the items are, the more insurance you should purchase. Most storage companies offer insurance plans that can be purchased monthly at affordable rates of $10 per month.

How long is too long to store my clothes?

It is best to store clothes in a storage unit at least once a year, but it is also possible to store clothing for years and years. It may be necessary to wash your clothing before storing them to prevent mildew or mold from forming.

The rule of thumb for clothing storage is to keep it in the wardrobe cartons for no longer than three months. This allows you to avoid mold and mildew, but do not overfill them because this could damage your clothes. If there isn’t enough room between items in the closet or if they are too tightly packed, that’s also a sign that something might be wrong with your storage area!

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